Product Designer & Developer


Das Ereignis GmbH (English: The Event Ltd) is a small startup studio in Zurich, Switzerland. We build awesome startups from our own imagination and for customers based on the Lean Startup Methodology.

We are looking for a junior product designer & developer, who is eager to take our first startup «» to the next level. If you are willing and experienced to make your hands dirty with code, but you have also an entrepreneurial sense of how startups should be built and what a great user experience is, you are probably the right person for the job.

With rapid prototyping, agile and unbureaucratic project management, design thinking, the lean startup methodology and other overhyped buzzwords is how we roll.

Tech Stack

We run everything in the cloud on and its associated services. So you don’t have to worry about Unix and hosting. We use node.js in the backend and ampersand.js (similar to backbone.js, but more modular) in the frontend. Currently, the techstack uses also CoffeeScript, Jade and Stylus, but that can change. The database is, surprise, a mongoDB with mongoose schemata. Some of our newer startups are using the Meteor-Stack, maybe the next rewrite of the onescreener frontend will be in Meteor too.

Your skills

  • Independent and entrepreneurial

  • Strong JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5 knowledge

  • A sense and passion for good and pretty user experiences

  • Excellent communication skills in English

  • Experience in our technologies or the strong will and enthusiasm to dive into them

What we offer

  • High autonomy with coaching and support in all areas

  • You can work from where you want, but we offer a workplace in our office in Zurich

  • A mix between regular salary and shares of the product

  • If you need something else, we have always an open ear for your wishes

This position doesn’t require a 100% permanent position. We are also open for highly motivated part-time students, freelancers and agencies who would like to collaborate with us. If you think you could get this tasks done some other how, just let us know.

Please send your application to with your CV and your Github profile.